Core values

Our core value philosophy

Meggitt Control Systems' team has defined a set of core values by which we conduct our business, both professionally and personally. Each of our employees contributed to the content of these value statements. After all, we are in this together and share the same common goals:

Mission statement

“Be the global leader in fluid control technology, by exceeding our customerís expectations with integrity, credibility and social responsibility”

Continuous improvement

“We challenge ourselves to relentlessly pursue optimum performance from our organization, people and products ”

(A readiness to accept change; a bias for action; timely and candid feedback; receptiveness to feedback and a strong desire to learn; initiative)


“We are honest in our dealings with internal and external customers and conduct our business with the highest standards of ethical behavior”

(Functional competence: accountability; dependability; credibility; fulfillment of role expectation; Honesty/Integrity: we are honest in our dealings with employees, stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the community. We conduct our business with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethics consistent with all applicable laws and regulations)


“We strive to meet and exceed our internal and external customersí expectations”

(We provide an environment of personal and professional development and growth for all employees. We are customer-focused and seek to develop lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers)


“We promote respectful and effective communication”

(We will share relevant information in an open environment of constructive, non-personal debate; encourage, provide and accept feedback. We promote an open environment of respectful, constructive, and effective communication and knowledge-sharing with our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders)


“We empower our employees to achieve personal, professional and organizational excellence”

(We will perform to the financial goals of the corporation while considering and being rewarded for short and long term goals. We will focus energy on empowering people to achieve organizational, personal and professional excellence)


“We transform challenges into opportunities”

(We will focus energy on advancing our industry and provide world-class service and solutions)

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