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Customer service

Username: To request a username and password, please send an email to:
For routine, emergency and AOG requirements:
Tel: +1 (818) 764-2780 - working hours
Tel: +1 (818)-298-0950 - off hours (AOG SPARE PARTS ONLY)
Tel: +1 (818)618-4306 – off hours (AOG REPAIRED UNITS ONLY)
Address orders and inquiries to:
Meggitt Control Systems
Commercial Sales
12838 Saticoy Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Attention: Spares order desk
Fax: +1 (818) 759-2191

Prices in this catalog are effective for spare parts orders received by Meggitt Control Systems on or after January 01, 2013 and will remain valid for orders placed through December 31, 2013. The prices set forth in this catalog are intended for use by airlines, OEMs and aircraft operators as defined by ATA. Meggitt Control Systems reserves the right to offer alternate pricing for other users of our equipment. Spare parts orders entered prior to this date will be priced based on outstanding quotations made by Meggitt Control Systems.
Unit prices are quoted FOB North Hollywood, CA, USA, and include packaging, which will generally conform to ATA 300 specifications. Every effort will be made to follow your instructions as to method of shipment. If materials are to be insured for your account during transit, please so indicate on your orders.
To improve delivery and better support customer needs, the minimum order shall be limited to $200.
Upon request, Meggitt Control Systems will provide price and delivery quotations for Meggitt Control Systems' proprietary spare parts not listed in this catalog. Such quotations are firm and will remain in effect for the period of time specified in the quotation. (not less than 90 days.)
For quote on request (QOR) items, contact the factory for price and delivery information.
Response to quotations: Normal - 7 business days
Expedited - 24 hours
Purchase orders may be placed with Meggitt Control Systems by telephone, fax, letter, electronically, formal purchase order or other written instruments. Such orders should specify the order number, part number, nomenclature, quantity, ship to, method of shipment, and Meggitt Control Systems' price, if available. Meggitt Control Systems will prepare purchase order acknowledgments only where exception is taken to the originally ordered part number or price changes. Complete status of every open order can be supplied upon request.
Meggitt Control Systems recognizes that, on occasion, an airline will require parts in less than normal reorder lead-time. In response to this need, and in general accord with the World Airline Supplier's Guide, we have established the following priorities for processing expedite requirements:

Definition Response time
1. Aircraft grounded by parts or parts requirement Within four (4) hours
2. Imminent AOG or work stoppage. Parts required by (give date). Within twenty-four (24) hours
3. Parts required in less than normal lead-time Within three (3) days
Respond to inquiries within the following target periods: Fax within twenty-four (24) hours Email within twenty-four (24) hours Letter within ten (10) working days Telephone within eight (8) hours PO or RFQ within ten (10) days
As in the past, Commercial Sales' normal operations suspend at 4:00 p.m. the day preceding a holiday and resume at 7:30 a.m. the day following a holiday. During these holidays, the off hours phone will continue to be in operation 24 hours a day to support your fleet emergency requirements.
Meggitt Control Systems
Commercial Spares
12838 Saticoy Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Meggitt Control Systems
Commercial Spares
c/o James G. Wiley Company*
Phone +1 (310) 641-6422

Repair station
12838 Saticoy St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605 

On airway bill please mark:
"Also Notify James G. Wiley Company"

Phone: +1 (310) 641-6422
Fax: +1 (310) 641-0794

*Note:  James G. Wiley is Meggitt’s customs broker at Los Angeles International Airport.  Above fax and phone numbers are for Meggitt’s customs broker only.


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