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Additional capabilities

Meggitt has been a premier supplier of aerospace and industrial valves for 53 years. In addition to our capability of starting with a clean sheet of paper, to design and develop custom concepts leading to the successful incorporation into production, a key element is our on-site capability to perform most test functions.

Meggitt has always maintained a complete test facility that is dedicated to fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic test fluids. Testing is scheduled on an on-going basis to maximize flow through the test facility and also to level load for constant capacity.

At this point, Meggitt would like to review the test capabilities that we can offer customers for Dual Fuel Machines or Dry Low Emissions systems, including shutoff valves, modulating fuel valves with either hydraulic or electrical actuators, manifolds, sensors and piping. In summary, Meggitt can supply a complete fuel control skid kit for your applications.

Meggitt has two system master test facilities that provide automated test for performance during endurance runs at room or elevated temperatures. The systems provide complete graphical charts of the performance characteristics as a function of all of the performance operating parameters. Included is the ability to introduce contamination of any specific formulation as part of the complete test. As a result, a complete graphical analysis can be supplied on a case-by case basis for your review. Temperature, vibration, and shock are additional capabilities that exist to support your specific needs.

Added support is provided from a full staff of engineering personnel. The following applies:

Thermodynamics In-house 2 Engineers
Stress In-house 2 Engineers
System modeling In-house 2 Engineers
Dynamic modeling In-house 2 Engineers
Reliability In-house Various

Metallurgical In-house/outside 1 Technician
EMI In-house/outside 1 Engineer

Meggitt has a fully-equipped model shop to expeditiously handle short run and limited development hardware to support customer programs like the LM-series engine controls for General Electric, and components such as shutoff valves, modulating fuel valves, manifolds, sensors and piping.

Included in the short order shop equipment list are lathes, mills, lapping and inspection equipment. The quick reaction model shop tool and die making staff work closely with the design engineers, manufacturing engineers and quality engineers to develop a total quality product the first time. This is in accordance with the basic philosophy of Meggitt to minimize waste and continue to provide our high level quality.

Meggitt strongly urges customer personnel to visit our facility to obtain a firsthand knowledge of the existing and planned capabilities.


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