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Aircraft valves

Controls' products are designed to function reliably under harsh operating environments, while increasing jet engine efficiency, maintaining desired environmental conditions, reducing overall aircraft weight, and enhancing aircraft and jet engine reliability and safety.  Functionality of the product line includes controlling engine de-icing, engine clearance controls, cooling avionics compartments, selection of landing gear, fuel management, and controlling cabin pressure and temperature.

Typical valve types supplied by Controls to the aircraft industry are: (Click headline for details)

The division's pneumatic product line includes engine-mounted bleed air controls and anti-ice valves, environmental control valves, rotor active clearance control valves, high temperature pressure regulators, flow control valves, and subsystems for temperature and pressure control.
Controls also offers expertise in hydraulic components and subsystems embracing, ball, spool and sleeve, shear seal, sliding gate, plug, and poppet-type valves.
Controls also offers expertise in fuel components and subsystems embracing, ball, shear seal, sliding gate, plug, and poppet-type valves.

Ground fueling product
Controls is the largest domestic producer of fueling components for hydrant service vehicles, refuelers, and over-the-road tankers.

Products include:
• Underwing fueling nozzles and disconnects
• Hydrant valves and couplers
• Self-sealing quick disconnects
• Bottom loading components
• Fuel level sensors

Quick disconnects
Controls' Zero-Aire® quick disconnects and fluid couplings provide the capability to connect and disconnect fluid transfer lines without leakage, spillage, or air inclusion. The division's quick disconnects feature ground and lapped mating faces and a unique, patented valve-cartridge design that prevents leakage after disconnection. Both high and low-pressure designs include fast-acting ball lock, threaded or rack and panel configurations.

Industrial products

Controls sells a line of high-speed fuel control and shutoff valves that operate in less than 100 milliseconds. These designs feature either hydraulic or electric actuation, can handle discharge temperatures of 1100°F and pressures up to 1000 psi.

The division provides complete electro-hydraulic or all-electric fuel skids for natural gas and liquid fuel powered aero-derivative engines used in power generation and pipeline pumping installations.  These systems are certified to Canadian Standards Association ("CSA"), Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique ("CENELEC") and United Laboratories ("UL") Zone 1 explosion-proof levels.

Additionally, Controls is approved on base and DLE (Design Low Emissions) versions of the Rolls Royce RB211 and General Electric LM-2500, 2500 plus, and LM1600 engines.
The division's other industrial products include:
• Natural Gas and Liquid Fuel Metering Valves and Systems
• High Speed Shutoff Valves
• High Temperature Air Control Valves
• Steam Control Valves
• Plate & Fin Heat Exchangers
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